Khuvsgul Tours


Khuvsgul is located on the shores of the magnificent Khuvsgul Lake, which is one of the most naturally scenic places of Mongolia called "Dark Blue Pearl" by tourists. In addition to providing you comfort, we will serve you with Mongolia's largest Sukhbaatar ship with a weight of 360 kg, a 4-story structure, a space for 240 people, and balanced against wind and waves.

Since 1910, merchants of Imperial Russia built a 40-ton 75-horsepower steam plane named "Mongol" and began to transport in Khuvsgul Lake.

By boarding the Sukhbaatar ship for a cruise, you will be able to enjoy the unique nature of Lake Khuvsgul and take part in interesting activities and competitions amongst other tourists.

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Family Travelers
Visitors on Sukhbaatar


  • The Sukhbaatar is the largest ship in Mongolia
  • Sukhbaatar has three trailers: Urgats, Khuvsgul and Dolgion
  • A total of 86,868 people have traveled by Sukhbaatar since 2009


  • Trip (stage decoration, candles, music, food, cake, pizza) for family, community, seniors packages, etc. on the ship
  • Tourist camp (wooden ger, tent, hut)
  • Food Court (European, Mongolian cuisine, more than 30 seats)
  • Museum (the history of water transport in Mongolia)
  • Custom tours and events (night out, honeymoon, meeting party)
    Boat and VIP room rental services