Nomin Insurance

Таны амар тайван амьдралын баталгаа

Nomin Daatgal has been in the insurance market since 2001. With over 750,000,000 MNT in taxes paid as of December 2023, we are expanding with a total of 28 branches, 9 service points and 250 agents.

We offer comprehensive risk management solutions and specialized insurance services to our customers that meet their needs, and we are always looking for new technical and technological solutions by constantly improving our insurance products and earning the trust of our customers.

We are working towards the mission of becoming the leading insurer in Asia by providing professional insurance services with high ethical standards.

2001         Nomin Insurance was founded

2002        Made the first major step by participating in the nationwide inspection and diagnosis of motor vehicles

2002        Launched the first insurance product

2003        Opened the first customer service branch

2007        Cooperation with international reinsurer SWIS RE began

2008        24- hour call service introduced

2012        The beginning of The reinsurance TREATY

2012        Bank mediation services were introduced

2013        Established financial service points

2015        Reinsurance contract was concluded for the first time under Quota Share conditions

2016        The ERP system was put into operation

2018        Joined the joint insurance FACILITY agreement, the first in Mongolia's insurance industry, and launched comprehensive Children's insurance products for the first time in Mongolia

2019        Awarded the the Mercury Cup as the "Best Insurance Company" in "Entreprenuer 2019"

2019        In the insurance sector, online insurance was started, laying the foundation for the development of Fintech

2020       Social Insurance premium payer was selected as "Best Organization".

2022       Awarded "Best Insurance Company" at the 12th Global Banking and Finance Magazine 2022 Awards Ceremony

2023      "Entreprenuer 2023", which selects Mongolia's outstanding enterprise of the year, won the Mercury Cup as the "Best Insurance Company"

Key Information
Insurance Agents
billion ₮
Tax Returns

Property insurance:

  • Property insurance
  • Inventory insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Heavy machinery insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Cargo insurance

Liability Insurance:    

  • Corporate General Liability Insurance  
  • Executive Liability Insurance
  • Employer's Liability Insurance                  
  • All types of professional liability insurance              
  • Product Service Liability Insurance  


  • Compulsory driver liability insurance
  • Medical Accident Insurance                                
  • Health Insurance              
  • Accident insurance
  • Overseas passenger insurance
  • Short-term disability insruance