SAP Project


Nomin Holding has been working to introduce the best practices that have been valued globally. In 2019, we purchased a complete license for SAP S4/HANA, the world's leading system for managing organizational processes, operations, monitoring and reporting.

In 2020, a tender for the introduction of SAP software was announced and China's "Tencent Cloud Computing" and "QZing Technology" were selected for cooperation. During this period, the SAP project team had been preparing for the project, and on May 21, 2021, Ya. Navaan, the CEO of Nomin Holding, and Zhao Jian Nan, the General Manager of Tencent Cloud Computing's Asia region, signed the contract for "the introduction of SAP".

By implementing this system, we will make a digital transition and create savings and efficiency in the company's operations, create differentiation and competitive advantages, create productive relationships with customers and partners, ensure long-term sustainable growth of the company, increase profitability, and provide real value to our customers and clients.

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