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Mongolia's first loyalty service, Nomin Bonus Card, was introduced to the market in 1999 to encourage loyal users and create opportunities to enjoy the highest savings.

Today, our loyalty program has become the system with the highest reward rate in the market. The number of users using the Nomin Bonus Card has reached 600,000, and the Loyalty 2.0 system has been successfully updated.

With the introduction of the system, users can get more services through the bonus prime program. Bonus card users can collect 3-10% points every time they make a purchase at any Nomin branch in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas and use the collected bonus on their next purchases.

In 2019, U-Point introduced a consolidated loyalty program, offering discounts and benefits to a wide range of organizations such as supermarkets, mobile phone services, IPTV, healthcare facilities, and dining establishments.

Users can monitor their purchase transactions, transfer bonus points, and edit their personal information easily through the website. Additionally, through the Enomin app, users can access their bonus card information on their mobile phones, and make purchases in stores, offering developments that meet customer satisfaction.

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