Our Brands

Founded by the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Monel brand is the only national brand that produces electronic products in the country. Nomin Electronics is the official owner of the Monel brand. Monel continues to introduce more innovative, power-efficient, and environmentally friendly products to the market.

Enjoy Electronics develops innovative products for its customers to maximize customer comfort and satisfaction. Our products meet international safety and operational standards, and we continue to seek and deliver the best and most innovative products.

Nomin Motors supplies Wonderer brand snowmobiles and various motorcycles to Mongolian customers with guaranteed quality and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Nomin Motors also offers Wonderer spare parts and maintenance services.

We are offering Queenly products in all Nomin stores, which gives you a soft and warm feeling with a wide selection of colors and styles, which does not produce 100% natural cotton dyes at a low price in accordance with world standards.

Factory-processed, ZA brand beef, mutton, pork and chicken products can be delivered in the quantity and the location you desire.

Nomin Oil LLC is one of the leading importers of petroleum products in Mongolia and imports its products from Russia and China at the Sukhbaatar and Zamyn-Uud border crossings. We distribute fuel through our warehouses and petrol stations.