Nomin Union


Since the establishment in 2000, "Nomin Union" SCC Savings and Loan Cooperative has been expanding operations and creating stable growth in the banking and financial sector of Mongolia.

During this period, we have fully earned the trust of our customers with our financial performance, reliability and solid support, and now we have more than 40 professional personnel, occupy 31.5% of the total assets of the savings and loan cooperative system, and have expanded into the largest savings and loan cooperative in Mongolia with more than 6,000 members and customers and 23 stable operation for the second year.

Key Information


  • Long-term savings
  • Prepaid interest deposits
  • Progress savings
  • Savings with deposits

Reasons to choose us:

  • High yield - get high interest income on your deposited funds
  • Trusted - we will keep your details confidential
  • An additional option is to get a low-interest loan against your savings. We offer 6 types of loan services with the most flexible terms based on the demands and financial capabilities of our customers