Nomin Realtor

Барилга, үл хөдлөх хөрөнгө

Nomin Holding Ltd. was founded with the purpose of efficiently organizing and managing real estate management, construction, installation, maintenance, barter, lease, and operation of shopping centers and other properties.

It currently operates with more than 50 employees in five divisions: real estate development, leasing, architectural design, financing, and administration. Also, Nomin Holding is a nationally invested real estate management company that provides subsidiaries with real estate, arranges and finances housing and land, and manages land and real estate in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas.

In September 2012, Nomin Realtor was founded in the field of real estate leasing. In 2013-2015, expansion and improvement of leased and own-owned areas were carried out. In 2016, it operated with three departments: Asset Management, ITA, and Operation. In 2017, according to the revised structure, capital regulation and construction works were completed. In 2018-2020, we focused on expanding leased and self-owned properties. In 2021, it operated as a design, lease, finance, and administrative department, and participated in the reconstruction and re-planning of the 100th anniversary of the State Department Store, and completed the installation and design of equipment fully equipped with international standards and safe operation.

Key Information
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Reasons to choose us:

  • 100% nationally invested
  • Interior design and architect.
  • A team of real estate specialists.
  • We have partnered with engineering experience. We make construction budgets and plans independently.


  • Real estate management
  • Bartering and brokering
  • Construction industry
  • Rental and use services