Our History




The foundation of Nomin established

On July 11th, Nomin Tav Sole Proprietorship was established under its name, initiating its operations in the direction of electronic commerce.


Nomin Electronics

Began the venture into electronic goods sales in the 60th store of the 3rd district.

номин электроникс



Nomin Trade

On January 22nd, enhancing the operations in commerce and services, Nomin Tav Trade LLC expanded.


Nomin Foods

In the 3rd micro-district, Nomin Supermarket established the first self-service store equipped with an online POS system, marking the beginning of the journey in the broad consumer and retail history.


Erdenet Carpet

The majority of shares in Erdenet Carpets JSC were acquired through the Mongolian Stock Exchange, leading to the election of a new board of directors. With Nomin Holding LLC owning the majority of shares, the board was restructured, initiating the introduction of innovative approaches in marketing and management.



Nomin Card

Nomin Card, a non-banking financial institution, has been offering bonus card services, insurance, real estate management, and brokerage services since its inception in 2000. From the outset, it has rewarded purchases from all sectors with up to 10% bonus points based on the transaction amount, enhancing customer satisfaction. Today, with over 780,000 loyal Nomin bonus cardholders, it successfully offers a nation-wide loyalty program.


State Department Store

On December 12, 1995, by Resolution No. 106 of the Government of Mongolia, it was decided to reorganize and privatize companies through public auction as part of the project to operate the State Department Store for its primary purpose and upgrade it to the level of a department store. Consequently, Nomin Holding LLC acquired the majority of shares through a public auction in May 2000.


Номин Юнион ХЗХ

“Номин Юнион” нь “НОМИН Сан” нэртэйгээр байгуулагдсан. Өөрсдийн мөнгөн хөрөнгөөс хоршоонд хувь нийлүүлэхдээ хөрөнгийн дутагдалтай, банкны зээлд хамрагдаж чадахгүй байгаа иргэдтэй зээлийн гэрээ байгуулан, тэдний амьдралыг сайжруулах нийгмийн хариуцлагатай үйлсийг хоршоогоор дамжуулан гүйцэтгэхээр зорьж үйл ажиллагаагаа эхлүүлсэн билээ. 


Nomin Insurance Established

Nomin Insurance LLC was established and has been operating steadily in the insurance market for 22 years. Through 21 branches, 9 financial service points, and over 200 representatives, it offers a comprehensive range of insurance services. Now, the company proudly integrates cutting-edge technological innovations and adheres to global standards in its operational excellence.


Nomin Holding LLC

On May 28th, Nomin Group expanded, evolving into Nomin Holding along with 29 subsidiary companies across five business sectors: Retail and Service, Finance, Import Export Distribution, Construction, and Production Engineering, continuing its uninterrupted operations in these areas.


Ulaanbaatar Impex

The Ulaanbaatar Impex branch consolidates several key operations under Nomin Trading LLC, serving as the hub for seven import business warehouses, the pioneering membership-based Nomin Business Club warehouse store, the central distribution point for Nomin Distribution, as well as the supply point for Nomin Supermarket under Nomin Tav Trade LLC, and the distribution network for rural areas. This integration ensures a streamlined and efficient service across the board


Nomin Fashion

Since 2003, we introduced Nomin Fashion to deliver the world's leading brands of ready-to-wear fashion to Mongolian consumers. We have established official partnerships with globally recognized brands such as Mango, Calliope, Tom Tailor, Puma, Coccodrillo, The North Face, Geox, Clarks, Giudi, Daniel Hechter, Roy Robson, Bugatti, and many more.


Nomin Wholesale

In March 2004, an investment was made in the commerce and service sector of Darkhan-Uul province, leading to the opening of the Darkhan Nomin Trade Center.



Nomin Realtor

In 2005, Nomin Realtor LLC was established under the Asset Management Division of Nomin Holding, taking charge of the property management and operations of its commercial centers.


Khuvsgul Tours

Khuvsgul Usan Zam is the sole company in Mongolia engaged in water transportation activities. Since 2004, it has been developing tourism with the investment of Nomin Holding.


Nomin Motors

Nomin Motors, a subsidiary of Nomin Trading, commenced its operations in 2006, specializing in car sales, repair services, equipment, and spare parts sales.



Nomin Eshop, established in 2008, is Mongolia's first online shopping site. It has consistently grown and expanded its offerings, providing a wide range of products to customers. Catering to customers from every corner of urban and rural areas, it accepts orders nationwide and prides itself on the swift delivery of purchased items, ensuring customers have access to the products they need promptly and efficiently.


Nomin Cosmetics

Nomin Cosmetics proudly embarked on its journey with the mission to bring the world's premier beauty and skincare brands to Mongolia. With a robust expansion to an impressive network of 64 branches nationwide, they have broadened their selection beyond beauty and skincare essentials. The curated selection now encompasses a comprehensive array of consumer goods, cleaning supplies, children’s products, and health and wellness items, meticulously tailored to meet the evolving needs and health-conscious demands of Mongolian customers.



20th Anniversary

Celebrated the 20th anniversary of Nomin Holding


Номин Их Дэлгүүр

Баянгол дүүрэгт таван давхар дэлгүүрт супермаркет, цэцгийн тасаг, Номин Фэйшн, Номин Электроникс, Номин Энержи, мобайл операторууд, гар утас, дагалдах хэрэгсэл, банк, гоо сайхны бүтээгдэхүүн, хувцас хэрэглэл, спорт бараа, тавилга, ном, бичиг хэрэгслийн бараа гэх мэт худалдаа үйлчилгээний Номин Их Дэлгүүр байгуулагдав. 


Nomin United Department Store

In the Khan-Uul district, Nomin Holding has centralized its headquarters, financial, insurance, and banking services. This expansive center, over 17,000 m², also houses an array of amenities including dining options, beauty and hair salons, a diverse range of general merchandise outlets, and an expansive hypermarket, delivering an unparalleled service experience.


Smart Energy

Smart Energy LLC was founded to deliver reliable and sustainable electrical energy solutions to our valued customers.



ENJOY Electronics

The Enjoy Electronics brand was established to introduce innovative products designed to meet the highest levels of customer satisfaction and preferences.


Eco Oil

Nomin Oil LLC pioneered in the petroleum industry by establishing Mongolia's inaugural self-service fuel station, positioning itself as a distinguished provider and importer of high-quality fuel and petroleum products.



By introducing Mongolia's market to the #1 international real estate franchise, the first brokerage office commenced operations under the name CENTURY 21 Top Realty.


Established Nomin Misheel

As a leading representation in the construction sector, Nomin Standard and MMM Trade were merged to establish Mongolia's first Construction Hypermarket, leading to the now known, Nomin Misheel.



Nomin Holding LLC has launched EcoExpress convenience stores, setting a new standard for shopping with a design tailored to the youth. Today, with a total of 11 branches, these convenience stores are successfully bringing their services closer to customers.



Монгол Улсын түүхэн барилгат гарсан гал түймэр ба сэргээн босголт

On June 7, 2020, the State Department Store faced an unexpected fire incident, causing significant financial loss to its shareholders, clients, and tenants. During this challenging time, the support and encouragement from clients, tenants, suppliers, partner companies, and thousands of customers who sent their thoughts were profoundly appreciated by the team at Nomin Holding LLC. With their support, the historic State Department Store, with its 100 years of heritage, successfully underwent restoration and repairs, demonstrating resilience and the collective strength of its community.


100 жилийн ой

The State Department Store, originally established with the support of specialists from the Soviet Union and initially opened as the Central Department Store, has crafted a 100-year legacy, preserving its cultural heritage and becoming a monument of national historical significance. This iconic establishment stands as a testament to a century of commercial evolution in Mongolia, marking 100 years since the foundation and development of the State Department Store. In celebration of this milestone, it has undergone renovations and reopened its doors, continuing to enrich Mongolia's retail landscape.