Nomin Wholesale

Олон нийтийн зах зээлд бөөний үнийг тогтооно

Nomin Warehouses have become a destination for buyers who want to purchase a large number of products at the lowest prices. We started with a few branches in the capital and expanded rapidly to rural areas, as wholesale centers are cost-effective to build and provide customers with low prices and savings.

Most wholesale centers have multi-ethnic restaurants and are used by locals and tourists to gather and spend time together. We are proud to make a real contribution to the development of thriving cities and communities across the country, creating jobs and delivering quality products to our customers. With a total of more than 1,000 employees, it operates on a 50,000m2 retail space with the slogan "The First Price is Always at the Warehouse".

In March 2004, we invested in the trade and service sector of Darkhan-Uul aimag and opened the Darkhan Nomin Shopping Center, which in turn became a bridgeway to northern territories such Tuv, Selenge, Arkhangai, Khuvsgul, Orkhon and Bulgan aimags. We have brought our services closer to our customers by delivering quality products at prices lower than that of the market's.

As of the 2nd quarter of 2023, there are 19 branches operating in 13 rural areas, i.e. Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon, Dornod, Sukhbaatar, Dornogovi, Khentii, Umnogov, Uverkhangai, Uvs, Hovd, Khuvsgul, Dundgov, Bayan-Olgii.

Responsible for the supply of foods and other goods to local retailers and all products are certified by Eco-standard laboratories. Warehouse wholesale prices are the lowest from all of the Nomin stores.

We move refrigerated trucks from Ulaanbaatar to our local branches in accordance with international standards for storage and transportation. Equipped with a complete refrigeration system, the system keeps meat, dairy, vegetables and fruits at the right temperature which maintains their freshness.

Warehouse sales not only save customers' time by concentrating all types of goods in one place, but also offer customers real savings by offering wholesale prices.

Key Information
Area of service
Wholesale centers
Serving capacity


  • International food court
  • Flowers and souvenirs
  • Hairdresser and beautician
  • Pharmacy
  • Dry cleaning
  • Coffee shop, pizza, bakery


  • Optical store
  • Watch repair
  • Travel accesories
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Mobile phone services and accessories