Smart Energy

Барилга, үл хөдлөх хөрөнгө

Smart Energy LLC was founded in 2014 in the field of electricity use, maintenance, and technical services. In the same year, we obtained a special license from the Ministry of Energy for operating in the field of installation, testing and adjustment work at a level of 6 to 35 kV.

Also, we have obtained a special permit for distribution of electricity and regulated provision of electricity from the Energy Regulation Commission, and are working to provide reliable electricity to a total of 4,000 households and more than 300 enterprises in Khan-Uul, Bayangol, Bayanzurkh, and Songino Khairkhan districts.

Within the scope of the above special license, we work to ensure the reliable operation of electricity for 27 km of 10 kV cable lines, 59 km of 0.4 kV cable lines, 19 substations, and 250,000 sq. ISO 45001 international standard of household management system has been introduced by accredited Monserf LLC. In addition to providing a unified call center, 24-hour dispatcher, and prompt service, our operation and maintenance team has provided electricity operation and maintenance services to contractors to ensure uninterrupted and reliable supply of electricity. working in charge.

In the future, our company will:

- Energy audit consulting services

- Improve customer satisfaction

- Supplying regulated electricity to homes, households, and industrial enterprises

- All types of electrical installation and testing from 0.4 to 220 kW

- Introduction and service of the high-voltage laboratory to the market.

- Generating electricity from renewable energy solar and wind plants

- We are working on long-term and medium-term goals, such as the introduction of smart meters

Our goal is to distribute and provide electricity, improve energy efficiency and productivity, and introduce new technologies.

Key Information


  • Electricity distribution
  • Supply regulated electricity
  • Installation and testing of electrical equipment
  • Material supply and service
  • Projects

Давуу тал:

  • Интернетийн сүлжээ ашиглан төв цэгээс удирдах, заалт авах, таслах, залгах боломжтой
  • 2 ба 3 тарифт ухаалаг тоолуурыг амины болон нийтийн орон сууцны хэрэглэгчдэд нэвтрүүлэн хэрэглэгчийн сэтгэл ханамжийг дээшлүүлэх зорилт тавин ажиллаж байнаAdvantages:
  • It is possible to control, take readings, disconnect and connect from a central point using an internet connection
  • We are working to improve customer satisfaction by introducing 2 and 3 tariff smart meters to users with single or public housing
  • The call center communicates directly with the customer service center and the engineers of the distribution centers using a dedicated program to quickly settle customer complaints by receiving calls from customers on the phone number 7577-7777
  • Дуудлагын төв нь хэрэглэгчдэд үйлчлэх төвийн хүлээн авах танхим болон түгээх төвүүдийн ээлжийн инженерүүдтэй зориулалтын програм ашиглан харилцаж хэрэглэгчийн гомдлыг шуурхай барагдуулахаар ажилладаг ба хэрэглэгчдээс 7577-7777 дугаарын утсаар дуудлага хүлээн авч нэгдсэн удирдлагаар ханган ажиллаж байна