Nomin chain store operates in the field of retail and services with a total of 64 branch stores.

By working with us:

- Expanding your market throughout Mongolia;
- Long-term reliable partnership;
- Fast delivery of goods;
- Flexible payment terms;
- We offer you many advantages, such as choosing the location you want.

You also have the opportunity to grow and expand your business together with us.

More than 10,000 customers and suppliers consisting of large local manufacturers, enterprises, SMEs, and self-employed people are working together to create a long-term reliable partnership by continuously supplying more than 170,000 types of products.

We are aiming to fulfill all needs of our customers by receiving and supplying a variety of goods such as food, daily goods, meat, fresh products, organic and health products, hygiene goods, cosmetics, household and electronic goods, ready-to-wear, stationery, souvenirs, travel and sports goods, jewelry, home improvement, and car accessories.

To create favorable conditions for working with partners, time-saving solutions for electronic monitoring, order control, product return, schedule notices, sending price requests for new products, etc. we operate on our web portal VENDOR.NOMIN.MN.

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Nomin is always open to all people and businesses who want to partner with us by supplying their products to our nation-wide chain stores.

How to distribute the goods?
Where can I find the location of branches and contact information?
How long does it take to process the payments, and how is it done?
Is it possible to reduce the fee rate?
Where will the goods be delivered? Is there an integrated distribution sector?
Can products be supplied?
What goods are included in the household goods category?
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