Nomin Holding LLC introduced EcoExpress convenience stores for the young people of the growing modern city. We place significant importance on the environmental impact of our supply and distribution activities.

In addition to ATMs, bus card charging, copying, and printing services, we also provide freshly prepared food, desserts, and snacks with the quality assurance of Eco Standard Laboratory. Nomin Bonus and U-Point card discounts and benefits can be applied to all products. We also work hand in hand with our suppliers to deliver goods to warehouses and stores at the lowest cost to customers.

On October 19, 2018, the Eco Express convenience store chain started its operations with the opening of 2 branches at the same time. At present, franchise rights have been given to all 3 branch stores. The advantage is that there are many different options available for participating in the franchise program. By participating in the franchise program, you can borrow all goods and services from domestic and imported suppliers.

Key Information
Nationally invested
Types of products

Reasons to choose us:

  • Freshly prepared packaged food, snacks and coffee
  • Mobile services
  • Free wireless internet
  • Free delivery within 250 meters


  • АТМ
  • Public transport card recharging point
  • Self-service section
  • Free phone charging plugs
  • Free wireless internet