Culture & Sports

For sponsoring many events as a tradition every year to promote cultural and sports development

Supporting the Arts

In support of culture and art, the "White Mountain" poetry festival of Love Poems, the "Tenger Shig Bai" show of MUG T. Ariunaa, and the UBS TV movie "Legend of Govin" were supported.
The "TALENTED NOMINEES" art festival is organized every 2 years in order to improve the free time of all employees, to discover their talents, and to improve employee satisfaction.

Organization supporting the national team of bell ball

"Nomin Holding" LLC supports the athletes of the national team of the Bell Ball Federation of Visually Impaired People. First established in 2012, the Mongolian Bellball Association has been working to improve physical fitness and prevent lack of movement by training visually impaired children and youth in the Paralympic bellball sport, which is developing among blind people, to bring its athletes to the international level.

Sporty NOMIN

Our company regularly supports basketball, football, and national sports clubs in order to improve the leisure time of our employees and promote physical health.
Every year, we organize a sports day among our employees in 5 types of sports, form the national team of "Nomin Holding" LLC, and regularly participate in inter-company competitions and amateur competitions.

Drawing contest

The hand drawing competition "A child's wish is fulfilled with Nomin" is organized annually in 2 age categories as a tradition.

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