To protect, restore and preserve our mother earth

Nomin is Eco

Our company has a tradition of organizing the "Eco Nomin" tree planting campaign every year. Within the framework of this campaign, more than 300 trees were planted in the "Id Shidin Oron" children's organization, more than 100 in the National Park, more than 600 saplings and about 20 Christmas trees were planted in Khan-Uul District and large chain stores. In the coming year, it is planned to start the work of establishing forest groves in the rural areas on a larger scale, and to initiate and organize the great work of leaving the Eco environment to the next generation.

Upholding International Standards

Establishing International Standards such as:
OHSAS 18001 in order to improve occupational safety and health of our employees.
ISO 14001 to introduce environmentally friendly operations.
3 international standards ISO 9001 have been introduced to further improve the organization's operations.

Eco Consumables

By introducing waste reduction and eco-friendly use, NOMIN plastic bags are produced and used with materials that completely decompose in nature within 2 years.

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